Sorry, Girls! Meet Louis Tomlinson’s (HOT) Girlfriend, Eleanor Calder

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The good news? 3/5 guys of One Direction are single, but the bad news? Louis Tomlinson is the one that’s not, and he’s in a relationship with a hot British model named Eleanor Calder. Seriously, sometimes life’s just not fair. It’s like we have to be gorgeous, tall, thin, and beautiful to hook up with a boy band member around here!

But anyway, Us Weekly reports that Eleanor, a Hollister model, is a few years older than 20-year-old Louis and is studying politics at Manchester University. Ugh, that means she’s smart too!

Oh, and? Apparently Zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry think Eleanor Calder is perfect for their buddy Louis and that she’s the “female version of him”. Excuse us while we vom.

And while we do that, you should check out some more pics of Eleanor and Louis. If you want:


Splash News


Splash News

What do you think of Louis and Eleanor? Cute couple? Which 1D guy do you want to date?

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