Louis Tomlinson’s 1st Order of Business Post-1D? Becoming an Effing FATHER!

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UPDATE: People magazine has confirmed the news that Louis Tomlinson became dad on Thursday, January 21, 2016. Briana gave birth to a son in Los Angeles, California, and according to a mutual friend, the 1D singer “is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother.”

After what feels like YEARS of waiting, it seems that the day all Directioners have been waiting for (or possibly dreading?) has finally come — Louis Tomlinson is a dad! Well, maybe…

Briana Jungwirth’s grandmother apparently confirmed the news that the Tomlinson baby has been born in a lengthy Instagram post late last night. She wrote, “Louis just let Ur heart dance. U now have another you. A gift that will want to be just like YOU. Love him & my young grandchild that gave him to you. LET her know she’s special. She just wanted to love U not even knowing who U were or your profile Ur & reputation. Be free & just LIVE. It’s simple. Not complex. Be free with love of yourself & Ur child that will want to be just like U. That is, If U let him. He’ll be watching all U do. And hope to be just like U, if U let him. A little boy that’s just sees you. Take charge.& respect Briana that was willing to go throw it all. She’s never loved before.”

As expected, fans had approximately one million questions regarding the alleged birth. The most asked? IS THE BABY A BOY OR A GIRL? According to Bri’s granny, the baby is a…

IT’S A BOY! AHHHH. As we said before, neither Louis nor Briana have confirmed the baby news, so right now we’re still going on the idea that it’s all still speculation. But if her grandma’s words are true, we’re sending HUGE congratulations to the new parents.

Hmm…we wonder what Danielle Campbell will think of this baby news…

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