The Move That Has Fans Convinced a One Direction Couple is Back Together

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When Liam Payne and longtime girlfriend Sophia Smith broke up about two months ago, the world was pretty much shocked; Sophiam just seemed like they were really in it for the long haul, ya know? But now, despite having no contact since their split, fans are pretty positive that Sophiam is on their way to a reunion.

It all started with Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister Lottie posting a photo with the 21 year old.

hi babes xxxx @sophiaxsmith

A photo posted by Lottie Tomlinson (@lottietommo123) on

Sophia then uploaded the same picture to her page, followed by a serious of Snapchats/videos/etc., that showed the pair having fun at a Christmas party together. Lou Teasdale also posted a vid showing the girls dancing the night away.

Seeing as Sophia hasn’t been around the 1D gang much following her split with Liam, fans are FAH-REAKING out that she’s back in their world and wondering if this means the pair is thinking about getting back together.

We understand where these people are coming from, but let’s be real here for a second — Lottie and Sophia spent a lot of time together over the years, and are probably still close. Just ’cause they didn’t let the Sophiam split ruin their friendship doesn’t mean Soph and Liam are back in business!

Liam Payne opens up about his split with Sophia:

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