Louis Tomlinson’s Sister Slams Fans of Larry Stylinson on Instagram

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TumblrFans of Larry Stylinson, the fan-concocted relationship between One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, had better watch out — Louis' little sister, Lottie, is sick of the comments and not holding her tongue any longer…

After a Larry shipper Instagrammed a picture of Louis and girlfriend Eleanor Calder not-so-happily holding hands, along with the cheeky caption: "Look @ how happy louis is and their hand holding ?" (thereby insinuating that he'd rather be holding someone else's *wink wink*), the younger Tomlinson went off on the fanatic — granted, it was an entire month later — leaving a couple of shouty-capitalized comments in her wake:

Instagram (@thelarrylegacy)

Rather than take down the photo, or feel remorse, the Instagrammer Instagrammed Lottie's comment and wrote, "BUT GUYS Lottie tomlinson commented TWICE on my pic omfg and she also blocked me…." Feel proud, Larry shipper.

Last year, Louis revealed the sting he felt from fans of the faux relationship, "I think it's pretty obvious when you see me and Eleanor together that it's real. Think of the amount of time I spend with her. It's crazy that I even have to say it's genuine. The truth is, these people aren't our real fans. That's the way I like to look at it."

Do you ship Larry Stylinson? Or do you support Louis' relationship with Eleanor? Tell us your honest opinions in the comments below, Directioners!

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