Viral “Loser Keeps Bieber” Sign Gets an Even More Hilarious Update

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The stakes ran high as hockey rivals Canada and USA duked it out on the ice at the Sochi Olympics for the gold medal; higher than usual, actually, as there was a specific human involved in the "prize." His name: Justin Bieber.

Prior to the wintry event, the 19-year-old's mug was plastered on a billboard in Chicago, between hockey players from the teams tapped to face off. The electronic sign read as "Loser Keeps Bieber." Hilarious considering the recent deportation petition, which has generated over 260,500 signatures and counting (deadline's tomorrow)!

Clearly, this was a big joke. The president of Command Transportation, the freight broker behind the sign, says (via Entertainment Weekly) two guys in the company's IT department came out with the idea for the billboard, "We do it for a little bit of humor. We know that every morning and every afternoon outside our window is the bumper-to-bumper traffic."

Since its inception, the sign has gone totally viral. However, after the US' defeat, the update's that much better. (Keep in mind, the creators are based in the States.)

Twitter (@CommandSign)

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