Scary Emotional Abuse Leads to Popular Internet Couple’s Sudden Split

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When Loren Beech (AKA Loren Gray) and Juwany Roman (AKA Flamingeos) announced that they broke up after dating for just under two months yesterday, things seemed pretty amicable.

But while the teenage Internet stars’ tweets didn’t make the split feel particularly dramatic, turns out the cause of their demise was actually more intense than we imagined.

After getting questions about her relationship all day, the 14-year-old Muser jumped on YouNow to talk about the real reasons why she and the 17-year-old called it quits.

“He doesn’t let me have boys’ numbers in my phone; that’s ridiculous,” she said. “And yes I cared about him to a certain extent, to the point where if you’re gonna control my life, I don’t want that. So he can sit there and blame it on me like it’s my fault, but it’s not my fault.”

But according to Loren, that wasn’t the only example of emotional abuse found in the romance. The blonde addressed her ex directly, who was watching her broadcast live on his own YouNow account, calling him out for trying to control her life, including what she wore.

“If a boy is telling you how to dress, please run. Run as fast as you can; never look back. You don’t tell someone what to wear, Geo. You don’t tell someone that you don’t like them dressing a certain way. If that’s your girl, then you respect her and respect that she knows what looks best on her body…I wasn’t allowed to wear certain clothes that were revealing.”

What’s perhaps the most disturbing thing about this whole situation is that Geo actually admitted to doing exactly what her ex accused him of, but still didn’t really see anything wrong.

“Wear whatever you want, but when my girlfriend is wearing a shirt where you can see her cleavage, I would not bring my girlfriend out in public where all the guys can look at all that s*it, okay?” he commented on his own live stream.

He then mentioned that he doesn’t know any boyfriend who “lets [his GF] hang out with people you’ve made out with in the past.”

Umm, since when does a S.O. have the right to allow his girlfriend to hang out with certain people? Never.

Loren clearly knows just how effed up the relationship was, because she blocked Geo’s number and deleted him from social media, and urged her fans to use her as an example.

“If he wants to control your life, leave, please. Run as fast as you can because it’ll only keep going. It’ll only continue. And I don’t want that for any of you ever.”

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please call 1-800-799-7233 or visit this website.


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