10 Amazing Lorde Songs That You’ll Love More Than “Royals”

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Would it be totally blasphemous if I said there once was a time when I didn’t like “Royals,” or Lorde for that matter? Probably. I can already see you all sharpening your tongues to launch a Belieber-like assault on me, but I am simply being honest (or carelessly blunt… same difference). Then again, you know a song has run its course when even the artist is tired of hearing it.

If it were up to me, I’d give the song a Razzie for Most Annoyingly Popular Song of the Year… but I don’t wanna be too much of a big meanie. But it was all going downhill for Lorde and I until I took a chance and listened to the rest of Pure Heroine. In it, I found a trove of other playlist-worthy songs: “Ribs” reminded me why I love boys so much, “Tennis Court” made me want to talk it up like “yeah” and “A World Alone” gave me more of a reason not to give a crap about what anyone thinks of me, which explains why I wake up #flawless and feeling like Beyonce everyday. (No filter.)

So when it’s all said and done, the world will pretty much be in the witchy-palms of Lorde, and I’m totes okay with that so long as “Royals” doesn’t play in the background during The Pledge of Allegiance. So here are 10 other non-“Royals” songs by our girl Lorde that I’d be more than willing to do the dinosaur-disco to:

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