10 Times Lorde Proved She’s The Realest Person On Twitter

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Lorde has definitely taken over the music world in the last year. She went from relatively unknown to superstar status in a matter of months. Now Lorde's riding the wave of fame and she's only 17-years-old! She might've been involved in some controversies in the past, but Lorde just keeps it real. She speaks her mind and we kinda love her for it!

Lorde's still new to the scene, so she's learning how to deal with the spotlight. With her sudden rise to fame, it's nice to see that she's still keeping it real. She's not filtering herself, especially on social media. Lorde definitely says what she feels and that results in some very honest tweets. Take a look below at 10 of Lorde's tweets that prove she's the realest person on Twitter.

1. That time tweeted this and was honest about her flaws.

2. When she tweeted this and we realized she loves Drake just like us.

  3. You guys, she just speaks so much truth!

4. THIS.


5. When she tweeted this and called out her haters.

6. That time she revealed she gets acne just like us. HERO!

  7. When she showed her fans so much love.

8. Then she tweeted this and we realized she appreciates all of her success, which made us love her even more.


9. That time she tweeted this and it became clear she rules Twitter.

10. And finally when she proposed a new reality show and we realized we would watch anything she does, even if it involves her acne.


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