Taylor Swift’s BFF’s “No Shade” Hendall Rant Was Actually the Shadiest

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Let us make one thing clear: if you have to clarify something you say with ‘no shade,’ chances are whatever you’re talking about is, in fact, shady. So while Lorde said her latest Instagram post wasn’t a diss against Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles’ rekindled romance, we’re going to call BS and say it definitely was.

The 19 year old has never been afraid of standing up for her best friend, Taylor Swift, who famously dated Harry a couple years ago, so when she went on a rant about “pretty famous boys and girls” vacationing in St. Bart’s on yachts, peoples’ minds went to one thing — Hendall. She wrote:

“when you scroll through your feed and all the pretty famous boys and girls are on yachts or in saint barth’s and you’re at home where it’s raining and you’ve never even been on a holiday to another country before, never been to a tropical island let alone saint barth’s and actually you aren’t even sure if you’re spelling saint barth’s right”

Wow. Seeing as Kendall and Harry spent New Year’s canoodling on a yacht in St. Bart’s, fans felt it was basically impossible for her not to be talking about them. But once Lorde realized just how much people were freaking out over her post, she edited the comment informing them that “no shade” was intended and she was actually just “making fun” of herself.

“lol no ‘shade’ folks if i were on an island or in even nearish proximity to a yacht you would be hearing all the fuck about it just making fun of my own lameness”

Okay, Lorde…if that’s the story you’re going with…

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