Lorde’s Boyfriend Cyberbullied by One Direction & Justin Bieber Fans

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Instagram (@lordemusic)Lorde's not exactly known for having a filter; at 17 years old, she's already had enough celebrity feuds to last a lifetime. However, even though we have opinions about her choice of words in interviews, there's a different matter concerning the "Royals" crooner that we need to address…

It's being reported that Lorde called Justin Bieber and the lads of One Direction "ugly." Okay, that's out there; that's her personal opinion. Since then, though, fans of the aforementioned acts have taken to the Internet to attack not Lorde directly, but her rumored boyfriend, James Lowe, calling him ugly for — wait for it — his race.

While not all of the insults related to the fact that he's of Asian descent per se (though many did), there were still plenty who stereotyped ("Is he a math nerd?") and/or suggested that "he should be delivering Chinese takeaway." Umm, are you people joking? Again, not condoning Lorde's initial comments whatsoever, but to attack a guy who you don't even know for his ethnic background is not in any way okay. If anything, we'd say something about the fact that he's 8 years older than her, so there's an age issue involved, but nothing to do with his heritage. Fortunately, there are a select few who realize this:

What are your thoughts on the matter? On Lorde's comments? On Directioners and Beliebers' insults? Weigh in below!

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