9 Useful Hacks That’ll Ensure Your Prom Makeup Lasts All Night Long

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You can go watch a million tutorials and find the perfect products before doing your makeup for prom, but if your makeup doesn’t last all night long, you’re pretty much screwed. Between dancing with your classmates, taking pictures with your friends and chowing down on the delicious grub, there are a lot of things you’ll be doing at the big dance that could cause your face to melt off. Key word: could. Thanks to these hacks, your makeup will last all night long, meaning that you’ll be looking as fresh to death at the end of the evening as you were at the start.

1. Putting on a long-wearing foundation is great and all, but a face primer is an essential step in making sure you makeup lasts all night. Here’s how you can make your own:

2. Same goes for eyeshadow — not only will a primer help it last longer, but it’ll make the colors POP:

3. If you have a problem with sweating your foundation off, try mixing it with water-resistant sunscreen. We know this sounds crazy, but it’ll help prevent sweat from breakup up the product:

4. We know you’ve heard of baking cookies, but have you ever heard of baking your face? Packing on a lot of powder over your concealer, letting it sit there for a few minutes, and then brushing it off will lock the product in all night long:

5. While baking can be a lot of people’s holy-grail technique, it may not be the best for those with dry skin. If you fall into the latter category, try this tip:

6. Setting your eyeliner with eyeshadow will prevent you from looking like a raccoon after a long night of dancing:

7. It’s sometimes hard to get your lipstick to stay on, but it IS possible:

8. If you follow these steps, your makeup will definitely be melt-proof:

9. Don’t forget to lock everything in with a makeup setting spray! Here are some good options, based on your skin-type:

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