9 Long-Running TV Shows That Should Have Ended Already

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LBH, there are some shows currently on TV that have clearly run their course. Don’t get us wrong, these particular television series started off amazingly, but at some point, it all went downhill. Despite backlash, these shows somehow manage to stay afloat, and fans really aren’t sure why. We’ve seen shows that got canceled after a few episodes (like Ed Westwick‘s Wicked City), and others that got canceled after one season (like Victoria Justice‘s Eye Candy).

However, some shows seem to go one forever, with no apparent end in sight. Small-screen classics like The Simpsons have been on the air for DECADES, and fans have had enough. Other shows have been around for several seasons, and once-dedicated fans can’t help but wonder when networks will realize that these show storylines have been exhausted. Scroll through the gallery below to see exactly which long-winded TV shows need to end already: