13 Easy Updo Hacks, Tips and Tricks Girls with Long Hair Must Try for Prom

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Don’t worry long-haired girls — we didn’t forget about you!

We know prom is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the dress you’re going to wear, who’s going to be your date and, of course, what your hair will look like. Some people want their ‘do to be pretty casual and opt to leave their locks down on the big night, while others are looking for a full-glam ‘do and want to find the perfect updo to complete their look.

If you fall into the latter category and have long hair, you’re in luck — the following tutorials are perfect for you (or your hairdresser) to try!

1. Two simple, messy braids twisted together will give you this effortless chignon:

2. Not the best at braids but still like the ‘twisty’ look? Try this!

3. To create this stunning style, split your hair in half and create a tight bun with the bottom section. From there, loosely pin the top half of your locks around the twist.

4. Not everyone is looking for a ‘glam’ hairstyle for prom. Try this fun take on a voluminous ponytail:

5. Get the feel of French braids without the effort by simply pulling your hair through loops to make this low chignon:

6. We know this LOOKS complicated, but it’s really not. All you have to do is pull your ponytail through itself a few times and finish things off wit htwo braids and voila!

7. Whether you want to include flowers in your hairdo or not, this style is simply STUH-NING!

8. Bobby pins will be your best friend for this twisted bun:

9. A ponytail is a great style for when you’re working out, playing sports, etc., but it can also be totally appropriate for prom…if you spice it up a little:

10. All you need are a few hair-crossovers and a messy bun to make this bad boy come to life:

11. A headband is a great tool to keep your hair off your face, create overnight curls AND style a glam prom ‘do!

12. Follow these simple steps and your hair will go from a frizzy mess to a sleek bun in no time.

13. Combine the hair-crossovers and anchoring-bun for this gorg AF style:

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