15 of the Best Apps for Couples That Are in Long-Distance Relationships

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For many couples, Valentine’s Day is the best holiday, but now that the ~day of love~ is over and done with for 2018, it’s time to focus on one of the harsher realities many pairs face around the world: long-distance relationships.

Honestly, LDRs aren’t for everyone and you need to be so committed and in love with one another to make them work. But sometimes, even love isn’t enough to make a long-distance relationship last. Sometimes, even with all of the phone calls, video chats, and back-and-forth text messages, the relationship could fail. But since we are in 2018, there are a few tips and tricks LDR couples can try when the going gets rough.

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to making a long-distance relaysh work is somehow staying connected to your bae, despite the miles that separate you. This used to be nearly impossible, but now, there are actually some really incredible apps available that specifically cater to couples that live far apart. Wondering which of these apps are worth a try? Check ’em out: