Logan Paul and KSI’s Highly Anticipated Boxing Match Ends in a DRAW

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The Logan Paul vs. KSI boxing match finally took place after months of hype, training and smack talk — and the results were pretty surprising.

Logan faced off against KSI over the weekend, as did his younger brother, Jake Paul, with KSI’s younger brother, ComedyShortsGamer. Before the main event between the older brothers, Jake and ComedyShortsGamer took to the ring to duke it out in the chief undercard bout. Jake came out the winner of that match, and he celebrated his victory by challenging Chris Brown to a fight. (We’re not gonna hold our breath for THAT one.)

After that, it was finally time for the long-awaited Logan vs. KSI match at the Manchester Arena and, shockingly — or not, if you had your money on Logan — Logan easily beat KSI in the first two rounds. But, shortly after, Logan grew tired and KSI got in a series of double punches in the third round.

The match continued and it was clear that it was going to be a close one by the end. Neither Logan nor KSI knocked out the other (although KSI got pretty close at one point), so deciding a winner was left to the judges. In the end, the match was called a majority draw. The judges scored it 57-58 in favor of KSI, 57-57, 57-57.

And it was just as close a call for fans watching, as evidenced by their tweets. One fan tweeted, “Logan should [have] won that in my eyes but it is what it is, rematch soon.” Meanwhile, another argued, “I guess the fight was close enough to call it a draw but KSI just edged it for me.”

And the moment the match was called a tie, both YouTubers were hyping up a rematch. Logan yelled to the crowd, “I feel like I won the fight, but this rematch is going to be crazy!”

So we can look forward to even MORE months of smack talk and drama between the YouTube stars. Greeeaaaaat.

Despite the first match ending up a tie, the YouTubers can probably count on some big audience numbers for Round 2. YouTube, which was the official way to watch the match, had around 773,000 viewers, and at a price-tag of $10, that’s almost $8 million dollars! Of course, hundreds of thousands of fans opted to illegally pirate the match, watching live via streaming services like Twitch and Periscope. At one point, there were a million people using Twitch to stream the fight, so we’re guessing that’s something YouTube is gonna wanna clear up before the inevitable rematch…