The Second Verse of Logan Paul’s Diss Track Was SO Bad it Made Jake Paul Cry

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Logan Paul warned us that the second verse of his diss track about his brother, Jake Paul, was savage, but no one really knew how intense it was going to be. Unfortunately, neither of the Paul bros released #TheSecondVerse officially, but the younger sibling finally heard the song and it was probably worse than he thought.

The 22-year-old dropped off a copy of the tune at the 20-year-old’s house last night so he could be the one to choose if it should go on the Internet. First, the Disney Channel star let his friends watch the video to gauge their and then he sat down to view it himself. The blond was quickly left speechless and actually started to cry as a result of what he saw.

“It’s f*cked up to take the girl that I loved and do that,” he said with a shaky voice. “Sometimes things just cross a line. It’s so demeaning. When you bring in someone who I loved who cheated on me into the equation, it’s not cool.”

But while Jake was obviously super upset about the track, he was thankful that his older bro let him see it because it “proved to [him] how worthless that human being [who cheated on him] is.”

Could the mystery girl in Logan’s music video be Alissa Violet? Signs point to yes, but seeing as Jake literally lit the flash drive that contained the on fire, we’ll probably never know for sure.

Jake Paul has dissed a ton of celebs in the past week alone!