Logan Paul Slammed by PETA After Tasing a Dead Animal in New Video

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Logan Paul is no stranger to doing stupid AF things, getting criticized for them, and then apologizing and moving forward like nothing happened. PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, however, is not going to let the 22-year-old’s actions go without consequences.

As you probably known by now, LP recently returned to daily vlogging and thought it’d be a good idea to use a taser on a dead rat in a segment called “Get These Rats,” which we will not be linking to or showing on this page. Let us just remind you that this video was posted just weeks after he became the most hated person on the Internet for filming the dead body of a man who had committed suicide in a Japanese forest. Peta2, PETA’s youth program, slammed the YouTuber for his disrespectful treatment of the deceased animal and explained that he CLEARLY didn’t lean from his previous mistakes.

The organization also tweeted, “How many chances does @LoganPaul get? PETA finds it repulsive that this internet personality with millions of impressionable young followers has not learned the lesson that there is sadness, not humor, in the death of others. This sort of content has no place on @YouTube or anywhere else, as it could desensitize young people to cruelty to animals, so PETA is calling on the platform to remove it.”

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange told TMZ that Logan’s most recent stunt is “repulsive” and YouTube has a duty to remove it from the platform.

Logan is on such thin ice as it is… you’d THINK he’d tread lightly with his content. Keyword: think.