Logan Paul’s Dad Confirms His Son Will Be Returning to YouTube Soon

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Logan Paul has been on an Internet break ever since he posted a controversial video that featured the dead body of a man who had committed suicide.

The 22-year-old hasn’t given an update on when (or if) he plans to return to social media, but his dad, Greg Paul, took the guesswork away from fans and confirmed that the former Viner will be coming back.

GP posted on Instagram, “LOGAN WILL BE BACK! SUPER FANS!! BUS UPDATES! MISTAKES!! We all screw up. It’s a part of life. Do I agree with everything my boys do. NO! Do I agree with some of the things my friends do? NO! Do they disagree with some things I do? YES! Face it folks……. we all f*ck up at one time or another. That’s life!! What we do with those mistakes, bad judgement or whatever term you give it, is what matters. I love my boys and I am sooo proud of them!! #loganpaul #jakepaul #riseofthepauls #stophate #stopbullying #givehugs @jakepaul @loganpaul”

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While Greg’s main topic was Logan’s return, he also mentioned his sons in the plural form, which makes sense since a video of Jake Paul saying the n-word multiple times recently surfaced.

The 20-year-old has not apologized for using the racial slur, but his older bro issued two different “I’m sorry” statements.

“I should’ve never posted the video,” in an apology recording that earned him thousands of dollars. “I should’ve put the cameras down and stopped recording what we were going through. There’s a lot of things I should’ve done differently, but I didn’t and for that, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.”

He continued, “I want to apologize to the Internet. I want to apologize to anyone who’s seen the video. I want to apologize to anyone who has been affected or touched by mental illness or depression or suicide. But most importantly I want to apologize to the victim and his family. For my fans who are defending my actions, please don’t. They do not deserve to be defended.”