Logan Paul Releases “The Second Verse” Video After ANOTHER Fight with Jake

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The second verse of Logan Paul‘s diss track about his little brother, Jake Paul, was apparently SO offensive that it made the 20-year-old cry. When the 22-year-old saw his sibling’s foul reaction, he ultimately decided to put it in JP’s hands and let him decide if the world should get a glimpse. The Disney Channel star said he wanted to put the Logan-bro feud to rest once and for all, so he destroyed the file so one one else would EVER see “TSV.” …….or so he thought.

An unsuspecting Logang member named Nick Le just so happened to be recording in the same place that the former Viner was filming the music video with Alissa Violet and uploaded a series of clips, which contained clips of the tune. The Pauls were shooketh, but both of them didn’t feel TOO bad, since it was the video portion that was actually the most savage. But then the Bizaardvark thought it would be a good idea to put his older brother on a billboard advertising his merch and all bets were off.

Logan got SO mad at Jake that he gave him 48 hours to remove the advertisement, or he’d post the full “Second Verse” MV to YouTube. JP tried to get the billboard taken down in time, but couldn’t — and that’s when LP clicked ‘upload.’ And so we present the INFAMOUS “Second Verse” music video:

Annnnnnnd here are the lyrics:

Uh oh that’s Alissa Violet, used to be your chick
Now she in the Logang and you know she on my…team
Those cars ain’t your man, that sh*t was just floated
Gun tattooed on your leg ’cause she knew you were loaded

I act in movies that your fans watch with their babysitters
I thought you were my boy, guess I have a baby sister
You’re tryin’ to be a model, shoulda kept Neels Visser
Go make another video ’bout who’s the better kisser

Is it called Team 10 ’cause you take 10 percent of your friends?
When the contract dies so does their career, it ends
Are you mad just ’cause you couldn’t sign the Dolans?
(They’re smarter than you)
So you had to replace them with some Spanish twins

It’s every day bro, do you give up at night?
We 24/7 man, you picked the wrong fight
I’m a savage, you are average
I’m a beast, I’m going wild
This song will be the death of you
I’m about to be an only child

The most shocking part of “TSV” did, in fact, come at the end of the actual visual footage, when Logan pulled the camera back up to show him about to plant a passionate kiss on the 21-year-old.


Well, guess we now know why Alissa called the Valley Girl actor a “better kisser.” *wink wink wink*

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