Logan Paul Defends Brother Jake from PewDiePie’s Savage Music Video Diss

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The aftershocks of Jake Paul‘s “It’s Everyday Bro” music video just keep coming. First, Logan Paul expressed his disappointment about his little brother’s diss track. Then, Alissa Violet and RiceGum made their OWN savage song coming for the 20-year-old by saying the blonde actually hooked up with her ex’s brother. Whew. Are you still following along? Good. The drama is not over, despite the fact that #TheSecondVerse might never be posted online, because now PewDiePie also got in on the action, and you know that can never be good.

The 27-year-old filmed himself reacting to JP’s tune, which threw some subtle shade at the YouTube gamer. Jake’s 22-year-old brother then reacted to the the reaction (confusing AF, TBH), and — spoiler alert — is not happy with someone coming for his little bro.

Logan addressed PewDiePie by saying, “The views are going down, there’s people coming up that you’ve never heard about before, and it’s easy to make a video about my brother and put his name in the title and get more views — hell, I did it! It’s the move right now.”

He then showed a chart of analytics, which show that Pewds hasn’t been gaining followers as quickly as he used to and LP’s pets, a dog and a bird, are actually growing the online profiles quicker. #Ouch

“Look bro, just don’t mess with my brother,” LP concluded. “There’s only one person who can mess with and make fun of my brother, and that’s me.”

Jake and the Team 10 crew dissed all these celebs in the past WEEK alone: