Logan Paul Storms Out of Press Conference After KSI Insults GF & Family

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In a surprising turn of events, Logan Paul stormed out of his second fight press conference after KSI roasted his entire life, girlfriend and family. Hey, if you can’t take the heat, maybe don’t agree to a boxing match??

Trash talking during press conferences before a fight is a pretty normal thing to do, but it kinda seems like the YouTuber took things a little too far this round. During the second press conference before Logan Paul and KSI’s big boxing match at Manchester Arena on August 25th, the 25-year-old hurled some mean insults towards Logan that resulted in him abruptly leaving before the event was over.

According to multiple reports, KSI provoked LP by making offensive comments about his girlfriend Chloe Bennet, and even threw in a couple of jokes about Logan’s family for good measure.

On the topic of Chloe, the YouTuber insinuated that he’d make a better lover than Logan. “Apparently you only have 85% of your testicle,” KSI taunted Logan. “Let me give her the extra 15. Let me show her a real man.” Then, when Logan attempted to get a word in during this rant, KSI told him to “shut the f*ck up.”

Not long after the Chloe disses, KSI brought Logan’s mom and dad into the mix. “No one has your back except your ludicrous mum and your disgusting dad,” KSI said. Yikes. All of this ended up to be too much for Logan and since he barely got a word in during the conference, he managed to say, “KSI has covered it. I’m outta here,” before storming off stage. Well, that’s one way to make a dramatic exit!

Fellow YouTuber True Georgie, who was also at the event, talked to Metro.co.uk after it was over and said he thought Logan was going to cry from all the mean insults. “I swear to god, mate, [Logan] was gone,” True said. “I thought he was going to cry.”

Well, let’s hope Logan didn’t take all of those insults too personally, after all, fighters taunting each other before a fight is how it works, right??