Logan Paul Cited for “Illegal Operation” After Pulling Dumb AF Stunt

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Another day, another story of Logan Paul doing something stupid and getting in trouble with authorities because of it. The YouTube star celebrated his 23rd birthday over the weekend by riding “The Cool Bus” through Yosemite National Park with a group of friends. That seems pretty tame, right? Well, it would’ve been, if LP and his friends actually rode inside the tricked-out school bus and not in tents strapped to the TOP of it.

According to The Blast, U.S. National Park Rangers witnessed the controversial YouTuber “riding around the park on top of a school bus while sitting inside tents that were fastened to the roof” and proceeded to confront him. Rangers tell the site Logan’s action “wasn’t the smartest or safest thing to do,” but he took full responsibility when stopped and questioned.

The blond was not arrested for the feat, but rather cited for an “illegal operation.” He will reportedly have to pay a small fine as a result. He was photographed receiving the citation outside the vehicle by an onlooker who witnessed the entire thing.

Logan was actually reprimanded by rangers another time on the trip because he parked The Cool Bus across five different parking spaces. The 23-year-old went out to talk to the ranger who explained the issue, but decided not to give him a ticket when she learned he was celebrating his birthday.

The ranger told him, “It’s your birthday? Well I guess that means you don’t get a ticket.”

And such is life for Logan Paul — constantly doing dumb things and constantly walking away without any meaningful consequences. Will there ever be an end to his antics?