Logan Paul ~Confirms~ He’s Dating Actress by Making Out with Her in Public

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Alissa Violet has Ricky Brooks. Jake Paul is ~happily married~ to Erika Costell. So where does that leave Logan Paul? SINGLE AF! Wait — not so fast…

The 22-year-old was seen kissing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star, Chloe Bennet, while on a vacation in Hawaii. The two young stars have been friends for a while now, but keep things strictly platonic because the 25-year-old was dating One Tree Hill‘s Austin Nichols for about four years. JustJared recently confirmed, however, that the pair decided to go their separate ways about a month ago. A source explained, “They have tremendous love and respect for each other but after almost four years together, they just drifted apart. […] There are no hard feelings.”

The brunette beauty also shared a couple pictures from the trip that feature Logan wearing minimal clothing.

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So, is Chlogan a real thing? Are they just #doingitfortheviews? We’re honestly not sure, but Logan is apparently planning on explaining everything in today’s vlog.

Give us a moment while we go set our alarms, because that video is gonna be FIRE. Well, we hope it will be, at least; you never know with YouTubers and their love for clickbait!

Logan Paul’s little brother, Jake, is a BIG fan of making out with people online: