Logan Paul Got Into a Car Accident Over the Weekend & Obviously Vlogged it All

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There’s never a dull moment in Logan Paul‘s life. The YouTube star had just left his apartment complex in his $300,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV over the weekend, when a woman crashed into the driver’s side of the vehicle. While the 22-year-old wasn’t seriously injured, he was shaken up because the impact caused him to slam his head against the window.

The blond tweeted about the incident shortly after it happened, explaining that he’d give everyone details in his upcoming vlog.

But before Logan could show the footage he personally got of the accident, someone posted this overhead view of the wreck.

Logan films pretty much all of his life, but just so happened to NOT have the camera on when the actual accident occurred. The blond was able to start recording almost immediately after it happened, though, and has footage from the time when the woman who hit him got out of her truck to make sure he wasn’t injured to the time the cops (and a sh*t ton of fans) showed up on the site.

“I’m maintaining my calm because life is too short to get upset over material objects, [but] it’s just a little disappointing,” he said shortly after he was hit.

The whole thing definitely sucks, but, when you think about it, could’ve been SO much worse. The Yetti (his nickname for his automobile) sustained some significant damage that will obviously have to get repaired, but no one was seriously injured in the accident and that’s all that matters in the end. Here’s Logan’s full vlog from the day of the wreck:

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