Logan Paul Gets Arrested in Rome, Italy, for Flying Drone Over the Colosseum

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Logan Paul and his younger brother, Jake, were recently on vacation in Italy, which makes for the PERFECT setting for over-the-top vlogs. The boys basically wreaked havoc throughout the whole country the entire time they were there, but the 22-year-old went a little too far in Rome and got arrested by Italian authorities.

Both Paul bros flew their drones over the Colosseum in order to get #litAF shots for their YT videos. While the 20-year-old’s filming experience went off without a hitch, his older brother was stopped by police who informed him that it was illegal to fly a drone in the area, and because he did so he was under arrest.

“The flying of the drone in this area is illegal,” you could hear an Italian officer say in a clip Logan secretly recorded. “We must arrest you for this.”

LP first realized he was in trouble when his drone briefly went missing (lol), but was then found by Brendan North, who alerted the gang that military officers had it.

Logan tried to talk to authorities about what happened to try to get his equipment back, but instead was put in a police car and taken to the station. His friends had no idea where he went or what was going on.

The former Vine star had his camera confiscated, but was able to record audio from inside the police station.

He could be heard saying, “I don’t want any problems. I’ll pay whatever you guys need. I don’t want to cause problems.”

Logan was eventually released and quickly got back to his usual shenanigans. He was also able to upload a vlog, which of COURSE featured the drone shots that got him in serious trouble in the first place, right on schedule.

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