Jake Paul Kicked Alissa Violet Out of His House Because She Had Sex with Logan

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It’s been a minute since there was any real drama between Jake Paul and Alissa Violet, but you couldn’t have POSSIBLY thought that they were done with each other for good. Now, the 20-year-old YouTuber is claiming the reason he kicked his 21-year-old out of the Team 10 house earlier this year is because she had sex with his older brother, Logan Paul.

The 22-year-old already kissed Alissa in the second verse of his diss track against his younger brother, but according to JP, the pair’s relationship goes a lot further than that. The former Disney Channel actor spilled the tea last night when he tweeted the following to a fan:

“Yeah…and this time I’m not being silent…Alissa f*cked my brother…that’s why I kicked her out…oopsie I just told them the truth…I’m done being the ‘bad guy.’ Martinez & Alissa backstabbed me…”

Jake has since deleted the tweet about Alissa and Logan hooking up, but you know what they say — once you put something on the Internet, it never really disappears.

Alissa hasn’t directly responded to her ex’s allegations, but she did tweet a confusing message that might’ve been in response.

Logan also hasn’t said anything about Jake’s jaw-dropping reveal, but seeing as the boys already fought and made up, and then fought and made up again multiple times this year, we’re pretty sure he’s gonna keep a low profile to keep the peace in the family…they holidays ARE coming up, after all.

You probably noticed that the blond also referred to the Martinez Twins in his tweet, because they announced that they left Team 10 under circumstances that were not the best. But alas, we’ll get to that in another post, because it’s a LENGTHY SAGA of drama. Oh Jake…will you ever be able to keep the dramz out of your life?