The Second Verse of Logan Paul’s Diss Track About Jake Freakin’ LEAKED!!

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After we saw Jake Paul cry over the second verse of Logan Paul‘s diss track about him, we honestly thought we’d never get to hear it. While both brothers destroyed their copies of the song, a ~guardian angel~ was sent so that us thirst queens can get our drama fix once and for all.

A man named Nick Le just so happened to be at the same location that the former Viner filmed the music video for “The Fall of Jake Paul,” and — you guessed it — got freakin’ footage of the coveted latter half of the tune.

“It’s Friday, June 2nd, and I’m up on a helicopter pad with my buddy Kevin and we’re taking photos,” Nick explained. “All of a sudden I look to my left and Logan Paul’s there. […] It didn’t seem like a big deal until I looked to my left and saw a certain someone [Alissa Violet] getting ready in the corner. When they started recording I realized they were shooting a diss track for his brother, Jake Paul.”

The next day, the guy woke up and saw that the 22-year-old uploaded the song, but noticed that the second verse was missing. He then realized that he actually had clips of that half of the tune and decided to release it for the millions of people who wanted it SO badly.

Here are the lyrics that the Paul brothers did NOT want you to hear:

Oh, that’s Alissa Violet, used to be your chick
That’s f*cked up, Jake
When the contract dies, so does the career; It ends
That’s also a fact

Are you mad just ’cause you couldn’t sign the Dolans?
(Smarter than you)
So you had to replace him with some Spanish twins

It’s every day bro? Do you give up at night?
We 24/7, man. You picked the wrong fight! I’m a savage

You in movies that your friends watch with their babysitters
I thought you were my boy, guess I have a baby sister
You’re tryin’ to be a model, tryin’ to catch Neels Visser
Go make another video ’bout who’s the better kisser

Is it called Team 10 because you take 10% of your friends?
That’s f*cked up, Jake

Nick also explained that he has even MORE clips recorded, but you have to subscribe to his YouTube channel for him to upload them.

We honestly don’t think the verse itself is THAT savage, but the fact that Alissa was involved definitely tipped Jake over the edge.

“It’s f*cked up to take the girl that I loved and do that,” the Disney Channel actor explained in the video in which he reacted to #TheSecondVerse. “Sometimes things just cross a line. It’s so demeaning. When you bring in someone who I loved who cheated on me into the equation, it’s not cool.”

Call us an earthquake because we are SHOOK.

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