LMFAO’s Winning Pickup Line? “Hey, Baby, Let’s Fart.” Uh, Alrighty Then (Exclusive Video)

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“Party Rock Anthem” is the, well, anthem of summer ’11 (we’re calling it!) and there’s plenty more where that came from. LMFAO, the dudes who sing the song and, ya know, every other amazing party song ever said so! We caught up with the guys in their bedroom (so not as dirty as it sounds) to chat about the album, plus their fave one-liners to use at parties (“Put That Bleep to Work”) and fave one-liners to use on girls (“Hey, Baby, let’s fart), Uh, baby, let’s not and say we did…

Plus, we found out their advice if you’re going to a party and can’t drink. Hint: It involves “shufflin’…”

Click to watch the vid!

“Sorry for Party Rocking” comes out June 21! Will you put it on your summer playlist? What’s your fave LMFAO song? Tell us in the comments!