Why This Nickelodeon Star Didn’t Even Need to Audition for Her New Movie

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We would be lying if we said that we never dreamed about starring on Nickelodeon. Nick is home to some the best TV shows to ever be created and once you’re part of Nick, you’ll always be part of the family. We can’t imagine what it must be in the Nick fam, so we got to talk with Lizzy Greene and get the 4-1-1 on all things Nickelodeon.

You probably recognize Lizzy as Dawn on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, but her new Christmas movie, Tiny Christmas, is about to be on your must-watch list. Lizzy spilled on everything from what it was like to get into the Christmas spirit, why there were horse problems and why she didn’t even have to audition for the movie. After reading this, Lizzy is sure to become on of your new favorite actors.

We first had to ask Lizzy what being part of the Nick family really meant, and you’ll be happy to know it’s just as amazing as it seems!

had the @nickelodeon animation studio all to myself today💫😊

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“It’s awesome being part of the Nickelodeon family because we really are a family, it’s like we’re all cousins and relatives,” Lizzy said. “I enjoy being part of the family because there’s no competitiveness. We’re all chill and in the same position, we’re all on shows and we’re all great friends. I would always choose being in the Nick family.”

What’s even more amazing is that being part of Nickelodeon family is what helped her land her first movie deal!

“I actually didn’t audition for Tiny Christmas,” Lizzy said. “Nickelodeon presented it to me because I had been working with them!”

How insane is that? Almost immediately after being offered the role, Lizzy knew that she had to accept.

“I got to see the script, and when I read the part of Barkley, I knew it would be so much fun,” Lizzy said. “Barkley is crazy and much different than Dawn, so it was nice I could have a little change and field trip away from Nicky and Ricky and go to Canada to shoot this movie. The character was so out there that it was so much fun for me to film, such a change.”

Tiny Christmas is about Barkley and her cousin, Emma, played by Henry Danger‘s Riele Downs, and how when one of Santa’s elves accidentally shrinks them, they must embark on a journey to unshrink themselves or else they will be tiny… forever! Although they filmed this movie in the spring, they were in Canada and had no trouble getting into the Christmas spirit.

“We filmed in Vancouver, where it’s very cold and always raining or snowing,” Lizzy said. “One of the most fun scenes was probably when we were outside running up to the door. It actually started to snow and we would sit and make snowmen and it was so cold but so fun! It’s never hard to get into the Christmasy mood for me. It’s not a spirit that comes every now and then; it’s an emotion!”

We totally agree with Lizzy’s holiday sentiments, and we seriously cannot wait to see this movie. It’s going to be even better knowing about what was really happening behind the camera while they were filming.

“We were shooting on a horse farm, so in between scenes we went outside and there were horses everywhere,” Lizzy said. “It’s so funny because while we were filming some of these scenes, the horses would kick the stalls so we would have to stop and go tell the horses to chill. And then we would have to do the scene again and then they would buck the back of set, too. It was never-ending horse drama!”

We would find it hard to film with crazy horses, too, but thankfully Lizzy and Riele are total professionals and finished filming the movie as best friends.

“Me and Rielle didn’t really know each other before the movie,” Lizzy said. “We had done really small promos in a group before, not one on one. This was the first real thing. I knew what she looked like and her name was Riele and that was it, and it was the same way for her about me! We went into the movie not knowing each other and came out as best friends.”

When two actors are friends both on screen and IRL, it makes the movie even better, which is why we can’t wait to see this movie!

Make sure to tune into Tiny Christmas, when it debuts on Nickelodeon on December 2!