10 Clothes and Accessories For Revamped Lizzie McGuire Style

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Looking back on some of the clothes I wore in the early ’00s makes me cringe. Low-rise boot-cut jeans? Tacky graphic t-shirts? Blech! I know that every generation goes through this, and then they’re shocked when those same styles come back in style years later, but there’s something about the early ’00s that feel particularly egregious. But I’ll admit, it’s a little fun to look back on what we thought was so cool and I guarantee and everything that I thought was awesome was worn on Lizzie McGuire.

Some of the early ’00s trends are coming back, which automatically makes us think about how dope we thought Lizzie and Miranda’s looks were. Let’s bring that back in an updated, 2014 way with these ten pieces of clothes and accessories for Lizzie McGuire-inspired style:

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