Throwback Thursday: 10 Crazy Lizzie McGuire Outfits!

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One of the greatest gifts the Disney Channel ever gave us was Lizzie McGuire. If you're like us you watched the show religiously and wanted nothing more than for Lizzie to defeat Kate Sanders and live happily ever after with Ethan Craft! Sadly, that didn't really happen but we still loved the show anyway. Who could stay mad at a show that brought Hilary Duff into our homes every week? Not us!
Now let's be honest, when the show ended we were really emotional. Weren't you? We didn't know what we were going to do without our Lizzie and her unique outfits! One of the best parts about the show was Lizzie's wardrobe. We couldn't wait each week to see what crazy outfit Lizzie would wear next. You guys remember the unicorn sweater her mom made her wear on picture day right? That was awful!

So, in honor of throwback Thursday, we wanted to give you a look back at some of Lizzie's craziest outfits. Check out the 10 we thought were the wackiest out of the entire 65 episodes. Scroll through the gallery and then tell us what you think! Is there any we forgot? Which one do you think is the craziest? Let us know in the comments!