Liz Gillies is Down for a Victorious Reboot, So Let’s. Make. This. Happen!

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In the age of reboots and revivals, it comes as no surprise when our fave characters get a second chance, and Victorious fans can rejoice now that there’s new hope for a Round 2! So if word does get around, we might just be ~victorious~ in seeing our fave Nickelodeon characters reunited!

It may have been over seven years since Victorious last aired on Nick, but now, fans of the hit series may be seeing the entire cast reunite… and sooner than you think! In a new interview with People magazine, Liz Gillies, who’s more recently the star of The CW’s Dynasty, opened up about the possibility of a reboot, and FYI, she was FULLY on board.

“I’m so down,” she said. “I keep speaking out of turn and saying I’m ready to do one tomorrow. I think everybody’s down. I think we unanimously had a Twitter thing where somebody, I think it might’ve even been Ari[ana Grande], she’s like, ‘I want to do this reunion, who else is down?'”

Yesss, how could we possibly forget the EPIC Twitter chain of cast members who unanimously agreed to starring on the reboot?! Umm, HI, >Dan Schneider. Are you hearing this right now?!

It was just back in May when Ariana Grande took to Twitter to talk about the need for a reboot, saying that Victorious needs a finale, and even Cc’ed the main cast on her tweet, including Liz, Victoria Justice, Daniella Monet, Avan Jogia, Leon Thomas, and Matt Bennett.

Unsurprisingly, they ALL agreed to it, including the show’s creator, Dan Schneider, so again, Dan, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! But while so many former hit shows like That’s So Raven, Full House, Bug Juice and Gilmore Girls have all been rebooted, we’re still holding out hope for Victorious to meet us on the TV screen.

Until then…