6 Live-Action Disney Movies That Totally Failed Compared to the Original

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When it comes to movie remakes, it’s hard to live up to the original. We know that films such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Hairspray make it look easy, but we promise it’s far from it. More often than not, you end up disappointing fans of the classic flick. Like, is there a reason there’s a 2015 edition of Fantastic Four when a perfectly decent one was done only a decade prior — starring actors who are still current? Needless to say, that film was horrible. It got a 9% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes. Even Suicide Squad got a double-digit rating!

Disney movies (that aren’t The Parent Trap or Freaky Friday) are no different. While we are absolutely living for the Emma Watson-led adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, not everyone feels the same way. The rejuvenated tale as old as time received a 71% rating, compared to the 93% rating the 1991 animated classic received on Rotten Tomatoes. BUT, at the very least, the latest edition of BatB beat the OG flick at the box office. The ’90s cartoon raked in $218,967,620. If you account for inflation, then that’s about $392 million. The 2017 version took in $395,459,842 (as of press time) at the domestic box office, and it only came out a few short weeks ago — that already surpassed the previous film’s grand total!

The rest of the (current) live-action Disney movies didn’t fare as well — as in, all but Alice in Wonderland (the live-action production, directed by Tim Burton, performed phenomenally at the box office). Here’s hoping Mulan, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Dumbo, etc. head more in the direction of Beauty and the Beast. Until you get a chance to find out, here are six live-action Disney movies that totally failed compared to the original, animated classic: