Fans Picked Their Dream Live-Action Aladdin & Jasmine and They’re Perfect!

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A live-action Aladdin film is in the works! BUT, production has been postponed, because the film’s director, Guy Ritchie, can’t seem to find an actor he favors to play the title character.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney wants to stray away from casting a familiar face and, instead, is looking for an unknown — specifically one of Middle Eastern descent.

Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed were rumored to be in the running, but the search continues. Plus, seeing as though the diversity in Hollywood is on the struggle bus, the options for well-known Middle Eastern actors are a little slim. But the Internet seems to have the perfect solution. In fact, fans are saying there’s no need to look any further because Avan Jogia — from Victorious, duh! — is a no-brainer.

Fans are pointing out that the 25-year-old Nickelodeon alum is the total package, seeing as though he can sing, dance and act! (Not to mention that he’s absolutely gorgeous.) Twitter has wasted no time campaigning for Avan. One fan wrote, “Excuse me but HOW is @Disney struggling to find an #Aladdin when @AvanJogia exists?!”

Another said, “If @AvanJogia doesn’t get the role of Aladdin…somebody is gonna have to fight me.”

Disney is waiting to cast Jasmine as well until they find someone to play Aladdin so that they can test on-screen chemistry. Reportedly, more than 2,000 actors have already auditioned for the roles, but, don’t worry — the good people of the web also have a Jasmine in mind.

One fan tweeted, “Y’all are sleeping on Avan Jogia and Jade Thrilwall [sic] for Aladdin. THEY BOTH CAN SING AND LOOK SIMILAR TO THE CHARACTERS AND CAN ACT.”

We’re definitely game for Avan and Jade filling the roles, so here’s hoping Disney is listening.