Little Mix Teased a New Song on Instagram, Proving We Need #LM5 ASAP

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Get ready, Little Mixers! New Little Mix music is on the way, and judging by the teaser the girls just released on Instagram yesterday, it’s going to be good.

Although the teaser was only 15 seconds long, it was enough for us to know that their highly anticipated fifth studio album, which has so far been dubbed “LM5,” is going to be different than anything they’ve ever done before… but in a good way!

From what we can tell, the new track, which is likely going to be the lead single from the upcoming album, will be the sassy girl power anthem of our dreams, and we can’t wait! If you haven’t yet seen the teaser, click play and allow your ears to be blessed.

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We told you it’s bad-a**! And with lyrics like, “I don’t need a man, I put my own rock on my hand,” it’ll be nearly impossible NOT to jam out to this bop in the car. Don’t you think?!

Of course, this new teaser, plus the track they released last month with Cheat Codes called “Only You” has fans itching for LM5 to drop ASAP. After watching the Insta-vid, one fan on Twitter wrote, “It’s confirmed LM5 will be their best album,” and TBH, it’s certainly looking like a possibility!

Sadly, as much as we wish the album were here already, it seems like we’re still going to have to wait a while… mostly because the girls haven’t even set a release date yet! Don’t worry, though! Back in February, Leigh-Anne let it slip that the album WILL be released in 2018, so we doubt we’ll have to wait much longer.

At this point, we’ve only gotten a small sampling of what to expect from LM5, but still, it’s clear that the ladies are more confident than ever before. We don’t know about you, but we’re stoked for LM5, and like you, we’ll be playing the teaser on repeat until the gals decide to share some more deets about what we can expect from their next release.