A Little Mix Makeup Line’s Happening and It’s Coming So Soon, Mixers

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Little Mix is killer when it comes to giving fans a ton of bops. The British girl group is not only super fashionable and cute, but uber-talented. Fours albums released within four years? Yep, those ladies really know how to push it to the limit! But now, Little Mix is taking on a new venture: makeup. Get ready, Mixers, for a Little Mix makeup line!

In a recent Instagram post, the girl group announced that the foursome has been working on a makeup brand called LMX. It’s a bit shocking since we haven’t heard anything about the girls doing this before, but, TBH, we’re so excited! We know the brand is going to be amazing and perfect for our everyday use. In the post, the women wrote, “We wanted you to be the first to hear about something we’ve been working so hard on…introducing LMX by Little Mix and our first ever limited edition cosmetics range. Coming September 2018 to @bootsuk.”

Fans were quick to spread love on the post. User @allanwallace8693 commented and said, “i Love these beautiful and gorgeous sexy girls or women so much,” while user @afischerxo wrote, “Omg this is so cool I gonna get it but of course I have to wait until September.” Some fans are concerned, however, that they won’t be able to purchase the products unless they’re released intentionally as Boots U.K. — the company that Little Mix is selling the products through — is based in the U.K. We hope Little Mix will sell the makeup line internationally soon because we’re sure fans from all over will want to get their hands on these products!