10 Boy Band Hotties Who Have Been Linked to a Little Mix Girl

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There are many perks to being a member of Little Mix; the glam lifestyle, cool circle of friends, Red Carpet events… The list goes on and on. Quite possibly the one thing that we are most jealous of is the fact that these girls basically have an all-access pass to dating whoever they want, because LBR, anyone who would turn these ladies down is an idiot. *Cough, Zayn Malik, Cough*

With that said, the girls have certainly used this to their advantage when snagging the cutest boy band members around. A group that has collectively dated a total of 10 guys from boy bands — with the exception of two dance troupe hotties, but like same diff, amirite? — is obvs doing something right. With Jesy Nelson coming in hot “dating” 6/10 guys on the list, we have to give credit where credit is due. Click through the gallery to see all the musical fellas these girls have been linked to in the past:

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