8 Shocking Theories That’ll Change the Way You Look At The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid is helmed as one of Disney’s greatest treasures. The music was phenomenal, the cartoons themselves were lovable, the colors were vibrant… Even though the storyline’s not great — girl changes everything about herself and gives up her voice for a guy? That’s horrible! — we collectively still view it as a classic.

HOWEVER, even though it’ll go down in history as one of Disney’s best animated films, there are so many fan theories that’ll change the way you look at it forever; some worse than others.

1. The Tangled/Frozen connection. You’ve probably heard of this by now: Three years ago, the parents of Frozen‘s Elsa & Anna planned to sail off to Tangled‘s Flynn & Rapunzel’s wedding, but died at sea. The ship on which they sailed away is suspected to be the one that Ariel explored in The Little Mermaid.

2. Ursula is King Triton’s former lover. No wonder she wanted him as part of her collection — scorned lover alert!



3. Alternatively, Ursula & Triton are actually siblings. In the 2006 DVD commentary, it was revealed in early scenes that Ursula was portrayed as Triton’s sister, making her Ariel’s aunt! This idea was later abandoned (in the movie; in books and plays, however, they ARE related).



4. Post-wedding, Eric’s kingdom eventually suffers from economic collapse. “Look at where the kingdom is located. It’s right next to the sea. Eric has both his birthday and his wedding on a boat. The chef — other than being Constable Odo — is obsessed with fish. The kingdom’s entire economy is based on fishing! And the new queen thinks that fishing is akin to cannibalism! There’s no way she’s going to allow her gilled friends to be caught in nets or on hooks for the starving villagers to eat!”—Clare Moseley

5. The movie’s based on Pretty in Pink. Ariel is Andie; Flounder is Duckie. “Flounder comes off like a stereotypical movie nerd. He can’t fit through the porthole of the ship because of his chub… He’s insecure in himself, but he seems willing to do anything for Ariel. Why is that? Well, he’s hanging out with a mermaid with a bangin’ bod and a fantastic voice. Isn’t it obvious? Flounder was in love with Ariel! He’s her unlucky childhood friend!”—Clare Moseley again

6. Ariel’s desire to become human is a metaphor for her blossoming sexuality. Watch this and you’ll understand a bit more.

7. The priest had a boner! Although many insist it’s one of his knees, we all know better.

8. Speaking of ~ahem~, the castle had a… phallic-shaped piece on it. There are some things you can never unsee.



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