Little Girl Finds Out She’s Going to Disneyland, Freaks The Eff Out (Video)

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So it seems Disney really does make dreams come true. And we’re not talking the Selena Gomez kind, you guys.

Six-year-old Lily got a Disney Princess backpack for her birthday filled with just about everything a little girl would want: Disney DVDs,new PJs and tons of snacks. Best line: “How did you know I wanted this? How? HOW? HOW?”

That’s when Mom tells her they are taking the backpack with them when they leave for Disneyland…today. At first, Lily thinks her mom is joking. Then she realizes it’s for real and completely freaks out. There’s hysterical crying, hugs and even a happy dance.  It’s pure magic, people. Pure. Magic. Watch it below:

Was that the cutest thing ever? Do you remember the first time you went to Disneyland as a child? Tell us in the comments!