Matthew Morrison’s “Still Got Tonight” And, Apparently, Still Got Boring Songs

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Ok, we’re sorry, because normally here at Teen.com we’re pro-celeb, especially pro the celebs that we’re obsessed with. But come on, Mr. Schue! We’d expect better from you! Matthew Morrison just released the second single off his debut album called “Still Got Tonight” and, um, he don’t still got it. Maybe he should stick to singing other people’s songs on Glee? Eh?

But since the song was co-written by one of our fave American Idol alums, we’re giving it a try (and a listen). And you should too…

The tune was co-written by Kris Allen from AI! And, come to think of it, it kinda sounds like him. Makes sense. What do you think of the song? Take a listen below.

Are we just being harsh on Matt? Do you like the song? We’re dying to know what you think in the comments!