10 Liquid Lipstick Mistakes You Didn’t Know You’re Making

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I don’t really have good anything to say on the subject of liquid lipstick right now. This is not because I don’t like it or because I am so good at it, but rather because it was never really something I felt I could really delve into until recently. Like, I knew about the Kylie Lip Kit liquid lipstick phenomenon — though, really, who doesn’t? — and knew that liquid lipstick is the surest way to get a definitively cool, pigmented, super-matte lip.

But I think it is a general consensus that anything that looks cool, cosmetically, like winged liner and contouring is, as a rule, pretty hard to actually do. Liquid lipstick is no exception — it looks great when it’s done well, but since the nature of the product is to call attention to itself, is pretty noticeable when done poorly. Fortunately, it doesn’t actually have to be that hard. In fact, you’re probably just making harder for yourself. So, check out these mistakes everyone makes with liquid lipstick and how to fix them:

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