7 Shocking Theories About The Lion King That’ll Leave You Stunned

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As hard as it may be to believe, The Lion King has been around for a full two decades. That’s right, in June of 1994, the animated Disney movie was released for the first time in theaters, making it one of 20 classic films that turn 20 this year. Pretty unbelievable, right? Despite its nearly ancient history — you know, since we’re TEEN.com and all — fans are still debating about it to this very day.

From the not-so-hidden sexual innuendos to potential rape(?!) scenes, here are six absolutely shocking fan theories about The Lion King that’ll leave you stunned:

1. Scar’s the tragic hero. “Many of you may think that under Scar’s rule, the hyenas lay waste to the land. Untrue. Was it really HIS fault that just as he was anointed Enlightened Despot in lieu of brother’s death there was a drought? A NATURAL weather occurrence which traumatically crippled the ecosystem? Kind of like an economic recession. Seeing this, Scar created a cooperative social system between lion and hyena, in which it was the lions’ role to hunt. The Lions, being so POMPOUS and CONSERVATIVE, refused to cooperate with this new social order resulting in FAMINE and DEPRESSION throughout the entire Kingdom… Some of you may think I miss the point of the movie… that Scar upset the balance of “The Circle of Life” when he integrated the hyenas into the pride. NEWS FLASH: It’s just weather; it’s bad or it’s good.”—Highdeas

2. The Lion King is capitalist propaganda. “Underlying this innocent wildlife lesson is a stark analogy with the hierarchical capitalist system. The lower classes are the grass that support the antelopes of the middle class. The upper class happily feed on the middle class while the lower class scavenge off the scraps of decaying waste and leftovers produced by the ‘lions.’ Yeah, in this system, the lower classes quite literally eat s***. That’s the circle of life.”—Flicks

3. Hercules and The Lion King occur at the same time. Remember this Easter egg?

4. Nala was almost raped by Scar. “Did you know that one of the [songs] is about rape? The song in question is called “The Madness of King Scar,” and it’s all about how hot Scar is for Nala (Simba’s childhood friend) and how he’ll mate with her whether she likes it or not. “The Madness of King Scar,” which was cut from the movie but kept in the stage adaptation, was supposed to take place after Scar killed his brother and finally became king. It starts off with Scar singing about how nobody likes him before deciding that what he truly needs to be happy is a queen. And luckily, just then Nala enters the scene to bitch Scar out for not controlling the hyenas. The king, who has known the lioness since she was a cub, takes one look at her and goes… ‘Ah, Nala… Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect. My how you’ve grown.’“—Cracked

5. Nala’s blood-related to Simba. Directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers acknowledged Nala’s father as “”either Scar or… Mufasa.”

Wikia (pffanon)

Wikia (pffanon)

6. Mufasa controls the weather. “When Scar took the throne, Mufasa used his cloud-altering powers (we can see him use them to talk to Simba) to stop all rain on the Pride Lands and cause a drought. This was to turn the lions against Scar and welcome Simba as their new king. As soon as Simba defeated Scar, it started raining again.”—Reddit

7. Sex in the sky. There’s no denying the subliminal sexual message here:

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