Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Talks Career Goals Post-PyeongChang

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Listen up, ladies! Lindsey Vonn is one seriously decorated athlete and the way she’s worked to turn her dreams into a reality isn’t just something we admire — but something we aspire to as well! Because, as successful as this alpine skier’s career has been, it hasn’t come easy. She may have set an all-time women’s record for her 81 World Cup wins and took a gold medal home from Vancouver in the 2010 Olympics, but the 33-year-old athlete had to take a major pause when she injured her right knee just before the 2014 Sochi games.

That made her return at this year’s PyeongChang Olympics a HUGE deal. Everyone was rooting for the Minnesota native as she competed in the super-G and downhill competitions, and — YAY — she made it onto the podium with a bronze medal for one of ’em. And now that the Winter Games are over and she’s got the goods, Lindsey can breathe a sigh of relief. But what must it have felt like moments before she sped down that mountain?

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“I’m always anxious before I compete, but I actually like being anxious,” she admitted in an exclusive interview with Clevver.com. “That adrenaline is what allows me to throw myself down the mountain. If I’m not nervous, then that’s usually not a good sign.”

That being said, being anxious isn’t the same thing as being fearful. Lindsey also said that she’s a no-fear competitor. In fact, that’s what she thinks has set her apart from other skiers over the years. Just look at her go!

While competing in Korea this year, Lindsey wore a helmet with her late grandfather’s initials on it and even scattered his ashes while she was there. But even though he couldn’t come and watch her compete, she DID have a loved one close by the whole time: her dog, Lucy! And TBH, we aren’t surprised in the slightest because Lindsey is a huge animal lover. She’s even said that she would have been a veterinarian if she hadn’t picked up skiing as a kid.

But Lucy didn’t just accompany Lindsey on the long plane ride to PyeongChang this year — she also starred in an adorable Bounty commercial with her owner when Lindsey partnered up with the paper towel company.

“I’m really excited to be working with them because, with three dogs running around my house, things can get messy pretty fast,” Lindsey said. “Bounty has been my absolute lifesaver, especially when traveling on the road with my dog, Lucy, who is here with me now in PyeongChang!”

Aww! How cute are they?


So, bronze medals and Bounty partnerships… What’s next? Some of Lindsey’s fans have been wondering whether they’d see her on skis again since she said the 2018 Olympics would be her last. But don’t worry! The iconic alpine skier assured us that she’ll still be slaying on the slopes in the future.

“I will definitely still be competing,” she said. “My next big goal is to break the World Cup win record, which is currently held by Ingemar Stenmark. He won 86 times and I’m currently at 81, so that’s a big goal of mine.”

Personally, we think she has that in the bag. With five different disciplines of alpine skiing to compete in at the World Cup every year — each of which she has already won before — we think she’ll be a record-setter by the time the next Winter Olympics hit.

“After that, I have to see how long my body allows me to continue racing for before I decide if I’ll continue on,” she said.

Honestly, she could never step on a pair of skis again and we would still be SO proud of her. Just look at her killer career! But that doesn’t mean we won’t be watching and waiting to see where she goes from here. Keep it up, Linds!