YouTube Star Reveals Longtime Fight to Overcome an Eating Disorder

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When contouring, filters and air brush techniques have altered the way some people perceive ‘beauty,’ it’s sadly no surprise that body image is an issue that so many deal with on a regular basis. Demi Lovato, Lucy Hale and Trioan Bellisario, are just some of today’s stars who’ve opened up about fight to overcome eating disorders, and 29-year-old YouTube violinist Lindsey Sterling now joins their ranks.

In Glamour magazine’s January Social Media Issue, Lindsey talks about her personal battle to learn to love her body after fighting anorexia from a young age. The native California girl shared, “I was 23 the first time I went to a support group. As I listened to the other girls talk, suddenly I didn’t feel like a freak. You’re told that it’s an incurable disease, but I want people to see that I was deep in it — and that now I am out of it.”

She also explained, “I don’t like the fact that people are put into boxes based on what we look like and what we have to wear. Categories are meant for cookies, you know? Not for humans. And so the fact that I’ve been able to be successful and do it in a way that’s very outside the box, I hope that that makes women feel like they can be beautiful in an authentic way. Self-esteem takes work; it’s not luck.”

In addition to kicking her eating disorder right in the butt, Lindsey has also become the highest paid female YouTuber in just a few short years. Now that’s girl power!

Other stars, like Selena Gomez who has spoken out against her abuse from body shamers, and Zendaya, who gave the biggest FU after air brush pics of her hit the press, have also raised awareness on loving yourself just the way you are.

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