PLL Actress Tweets WTF Note After Hater Petitions for Her to Commit Suicide

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There are two feelings one could have for Paige McCullers on Pretty Little Liars: extreme love or extreme hatred. For some, Lindsey Shaw‘s character is a role model; for others, well… let’s just say, she’s not their favoriteespecially when she’s with Shay Mitchell‘s character, Emily Fields. (Sorry, Paily shippers.)

No matter how you slice it, negative or positive, the feelings are strong. So much so, that haters of the fictional character send hurtful messages to the 26-year-old actress who portrays her on all forms of social media. And one took that hatred to a whole new level, and basically petitioned for the PLL star to commit suicide! To make matters even more WTF-status, Lindsey responded to the message with the following:

Lindsey Shaw Suicide Tweet

The initial tweeter’s account has since been deleted — probably due to the support of Lindsey’s fans — but the note has been making its rounds on the Twittersphere, and we’re stumped. Like… was Lindsey being sarcastic? Or was there some truth to her post? “I tried to kill myself in December…” Someone (preferably Linds), explain!

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