The 100‘s Lindsey Morgan Almost Quit Acting After Being Cut from TV Show

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It was not an easy journey for Lindsey Morgan to get where she is today. The The 100 star suffered from intense anxiety and depression at the beginning of her career, which affected her performance at work.

The 28-year-old remembers a “low point” when she was working on soap opera General Hospital five years ago. The shooting schedule was intense, to say the least, and internet scrutiny was getting the best of her.

“I became super stressed, depressed and miserable because I thought I was terrible at my job when I could not perform flawlessly every day, every scene,” she told Style Verify. “I gained weight, my face broke out, I stopped sleeping… but I suffered in silence. I never told anyone how unhappy I was because I was also grateful I had a job versus so many people that didn’t. I did not think I was allowed to be miserable, but I was overworked, sleep-deprived and just lost.”

Things reached a breaking point when producers decided to cut her from the show and recast her character. Lindsey recalls having a “very intense anxiety attack” in her car and questioning if she should just quit acting altogether.

She explains, “I did quit acting. In the end, I stopped for an hour. I gave up right there in my car and thought I would do something else, go back to school somehow and figure it out.”

But that decision didn’t last very long.

“Then I cried it all out, and an intense calm came over me,” she continues. “I realized I could not quit, I would have to make something work, I would have to work harder and get better, and I could not give up on myself. I was in control here, and it was my life, my dream.”

And look at her now! She’s on one of The CW’s hottest shows, can talk openly about her mental health issues and is an inspiration to millions. #GOALS!