6 Times Lindsay Lohan Accidentally ~Exposed~ Herself to the World

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Lindsay Lohan is a Hollywood icon who, no matter what, will always be influential AF to us #normal people. But we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — celebrities are humans, too! This means they aren’t perfect (just like us), and it also means that all of their tiniest imperfections are super public. And that’s one reason we’re not sure we want to be famous, let alone one of the most famous actresses in the entire world!

Now, listen up — we’ve done many a post on wardrobe malfunctions in the past. By this point, you’ve literally seen the funny, the bad, and the ugly of Hollywood nip slips, underwear reveals, etc. But somehow, the 31-year-old’s style mishaps hit home with us — we can practically feel the cringe from thousands of miles away. Maybe it’s because we grew up with her; it’s kind of like watching your childhood best friend accidentally flash 5 billion people at once. All the crippling secondhand embarrassment is PLENTY to make you want to curl up in a hole and never come out.

We feel like LiLo needs some backup, though. Yes, she’s been through some rough times in the past, but she’s also SO talented and her movie roles totally shaped our teenage selves. Like, we can’t be the only ones who are still on her team! So, by giving you this list (so you can laugh and cry with us and our girl), we’re pretty much recruiting you to join the squad. In other words — you can totally sit with us.