5 Ways Lindsay Lohan’s a Better Role Model Than You Probably Think

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Usually on Woman Crush Wednesday, we celebrate the achievements of our beautiful female role models. (Emma Stone is a prime example.) Today, however, we're going for something a little more… unconventional. With Mean Girls now 10 years old (as of last week), we're opting to show you that Lindsay Lohan's a better role model than you probably think.

Before you go clicking the 'X' button, hear us out. Here are five clear ways the 27-year-old actress can be considered a good role model, despite her wild past:

1. The characters she has played are just like you. Namely, Cady Heron in Mean Girls. She was intelligent — eff yeah, Mathletes! — she tried to see the good in people — "Regina seems… sweet" — plus you can't blame her for wanting to achieve a high social status. Many young females people aspire to be popular in high school, but sometimes lose themselves along the way. In the end, Cady at least admitted to losing herself, and apologized.

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2. She owned up to her mistakes. In an interview with Oprah she revealed, "Alcohol, in the past, was a gateway to other things. I never abused, but I tried cocaine with alcohol… What was chaotic to other people looking in, to me was normal. There's something to be said about me learning to just be okay."

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3. She's attempting to better herself. "I've just hit a wall. I'm just tired. When I spoke to Shawn Holley (her attorney), I just said, 'I think the best option is to just go to treatment, to take care of myself, to find myself.' I came into it really willing [the last time I was in rehab]."


4. She gives her fans what they want. And that's acknowledgement of her most crowning achievement:

5. She currently promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Bravo, Lindsay. Bravo.

Listen as Lindsay Lohan makes the most shocking confession of 'em all:

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