Arzaylea’s Best Friend Basc Confirmed She Cheated on Luke Hemmings

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Just when you thought the drama on the Luke HemmingsArzaylea Rodriguez front was cooling down, it heated back up again. Cheating rumors started to swirl when fans noticed that the 22-year-old was spending a lot of time with a musician named Blackbear, and then they were pretty much convinced that the pair broke up with the 20-year-old and all his friends unfollowed the girl on social media. No one is really sure what happened between the 5 Seconds of Summer guy and the influencer, but it’s looking like cheating could’ve actually been what caused their relationship to fizzle.

Alleged text messages that Arz’s best friend, Lindsay Demeola, sent a mystery person leaked on Twitter yesterday, and if they’re true, the rumors of infidelity are legit. Basically, the social-media star was “the only one who knew about Bear and Arzaylea” and told a third party. That person then went to AnneMarie Morin, BB’s ex-girlfriend, and told her that the two were secretly hooking up. AM got mad and went off on her former flame, and all this drama eventually got back to Arz, who then freaked out at Linds, because she was obviously the one who didn’t keep the secret. WHEW.

We’re 100 percent aware that anyone can fake text messages and make up stories, so we’re asking you to take this whole thing with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed and at this point it’s all speculation. BUT, what we will say is, all the tales we’ve heard in the past week or so have ended up being true, so……*sips tea*

Wherever Arzaylea goes, drama follows: