Lily Collins and Zac Efron Hold Hands at Disneyland. Would You Ship ’em?

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It's been a few weeks since we learned that Lily Collins and Zac Efron went to the movies together in Hollywood, and a few days since the two were spotted holding hands at Disneyland. THE PROOF:

Does this mean they're dating? Well… that's up in the air as of right now. According to E! News, there are sources that say the actors are, in fact, an item, while others suggest that they're just "hanging out" and "not dating." But that's no surprise considering they never confirmed their relationship status back when they spent Valentine's Day 2012 together either.

If they are back on (or a couple for the first time, who knows?), would you ship 'em? Or are you still harboring feelings of hope that she'll rekindle her flame with ex-boyfriend/The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones co-star Jamie Campbell Bower. They are, after all, tapped to shoot the sequel together next year.

As much as we personally loved Jamily, here at Teen.com, we will totally support any relationship that Lily or Jamie find themselves in as long as they're happy. What about you, Lilyians? Tell us where you're at on the Lily Collins romance front in the comments!

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